About LD Budget

My name is Lasse Dam Pedersen, I enjoy working with numbers and people, I have a passion for helping people, this is why I started LD budget.
My business started focusing on private customers, but has since then adapted to the circumstances and is now offering services exclusively to businesses.
I studied business high school in Denmark and finished clerical trade specialized in finance, that I am currently expanding with a HD. After this I have worked with finances on fulltime since august 2014, one year as a teamleader.

LD Budget can be a good choice for your business, as you will experience enormous flexibility to our cooperation. It is very important to me that as a customer at LD Budget you feel safe and satisfied with our cooperation. Therefor you will experience no binding to any agreement and can cancel any agreement at any time, without any further costs.

This means that you can have LD Budget “standing ready” if all of a sudden you experience unexpected absence in your business, increasing work load etc. – ready to assist, if the need appears.

The only thing that will continue to be offered to private customers are templates found in the webshop, availably for a low price. During the last couple of years I have created and adjusted several templates for private use, which gives a great understanding of your private finances and your financial situation. Both individually and as a couple. So that you choose the right path and make the right financial choices, giving you a healthy financial future without unnecessary loans.

For more information about my professional background please visit my LinkedIn page
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Lasse Dam Pedersen
Owner, LD Budget

Personal data

Full confidentiality as a customer

All personal information and sensitive data is safe with LD Budget. You can expect full confidentiality as a customer.

Your personal and sesitive data will only be stored upon agreement and for a limited amount of time.

For further information please read the companys privacy policy.

Confidential, safe and satisfactory handling of your data